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The Major Roles of Freight Forwarding Companies
Sep 26, 2018

In the international trade and transport industry, the roles of freight forwarding companies are crucial. They deal with important matters and they are doing numerous tasks all at once like booking of the freight, handling documentation, and the charges of insurance and port terminals.

And we, Logtrans, are doing the same thing – we offer unparalleled freight forwarding solutions to any mode of transportation; may it be land, air, or sea freight. Whichever you want, trust that we will be able to meet your requirements and take good care of your cargoes. Our years in this industry had made us achieve a recognizable presence in the market and we are always ready to help those in need of our services – freight for sea, air, land transportation, and even warehousing facilities.

In this article, however, we’ll give you an in-depth understanding of the roles of a freight forwarding company and how are they beneficial for your personal or commercial needs.

1. A freight forwarding company gives an advice about the possible costs and charges that come along with the service that you need to avail. (E.g insurance cost, merchandise cost, consular fees, etc.)

2. A freight forwarding company will be able to prepare all kinds of documentation and certifications required for the shipment and if necessary, they will also handle the legalization procedures needed.

3. A freight forwarding company is responsible for using updated and latest technologies that can help in shipping the goods faster and more efficiently, while still obliging with the customs regulations.

4. A freight forwarding company provides all the information about the shipment and makes sure that the client is equipped with more than enough knowledge about the whole process.

And a good freight forwarding company like us, Logtrans, offers a wide range of services that you can choose from. Our team knows how to accommodate each one of our clients and make sure to execute our services well. Because of our excellence, actually, we are also considered as one of the leading sea freight companies in Dubai

If you need a reputable freight forwarding company who can give you unsurpassed freight forwarding services, you can contact us anytime you like and we’ll surely be at your disposal and help you with all your needs.