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Logtrans is one of the most trusted freight forwarding companies and logistics companies in Dubai that was originally founded in Cyprus in 1990. Our aim is to give unsurpassed logistic services and solutions to small, medium, and multinational companies in the Middle East, GCC and the international arena.

Our professional team of experts is handling all categories of freight and all dimensions of cargoes depending on the clients’ needs.

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Sep 18, 2018
If you are wondering what the best freight service that can make your cargoes be shipped as early and conveniently as possible is, perhaps you’ve been torn between sea or air freight. In this article, however, we’ll tell you some of the factors that can help you decide which the best option for you is. Actually working with a credible freight forwarding company can help you receive reliable…read more
Sep 15, 2018
If you want your business operation to succeed and run as smoothly as possible, you might need to plan effective warehouse layout – from manufacturing and assembling all the products and procedures. Your warehouse storage in Dubai, moreover, should be functioning well and appropriately. And if you think you need to improve your tactics in your warehouse, perhaps you need help – especially…read more
Sep 11, 2018
If you have opted for warehouse storage in Dubai perhaps your dilemma right now is how you can fit all your products and things inside your limited space. Never worry, however, because, in this article, we’ll cite some ways on how you can actually save some space and maximize your warehouse storage effectively. Acquiring storage facilities in Dubai can be a good option especially if your business…read more
Sep 06, 2018
Companies that offer warehouse storage in Dubai are very keen on giving services that are convenient for their clients. It is not easy to find the best and reliable warehousing company, which is why you need to take your time and consider some factors to guarantee that you’ll receive good-quality service from your providers. However, if you are warehousing storage company, you should know all…read more
Sep 04, 2018
Are you an enterprise that works on freight services? If yes, then perhaps you are aware of the fact that you must transport all the goods of your clients safely no matter which mode of transportation you’re going to use. Specifically, this article will help you in maximizing your sea freight services in Dubai and maintain not only the safety of the goods that you are transporting by sea but…read more
Aug 18, 2018
If you are an enterprise that needs freight services, you need to be meticulous in choosing the freight forwarding company in Dubai to help you. When you do, you will be exposed to various services that are likely going to give you a lot of benefits eventually. Choosing the right freighter is a crucial thing for you and your business – they will determine your success in some way. And, we, Logtrans,…read more
Aug 07, 2018
Mishaps occur in many industries and this is why proper care and attention must be done in all tasks and jobs. With air freight cargo companies in Dubai, however, this scenario is also inevitable, which is why all individuals involved in this matter should be knowledgeable about effective methods on how the shipping must be done. And as a leading provider of air freight services in Dubai since our…read more
Jul 26, 2018
Enterprises produce products at a fast rate – the workflow must be consistent, and the business processes should be maintained. There are times when additional warehouse storage in Dubai is needed just to guarantee that everything will be in place – preserved and kept. Finding the right company who can give you unsurpassed warehouse storage services can be a bit hard if you don’t…read more
Jul 15, 2018
Some of us might dread moving – the thought of packing, throwing unnecessary things, lifting, and transferring it to your new house makes us feel tired already, just thinking about it. Thankfully, there are a lot of moving companies in the UAE who can help you in this new endeavour you have to make. We, Logtrans, are one of the most trusted shipping companies in the UAE. We take pride in giving…read more
Jul 05, 2018
For personal or commercial purposes, oversized cargo shipping is sometimes a necessity especially for those who are planning to transport ‘super load’ or massive items and products. Actually, there is a standard measurement for the transportation of goods – and if yours exceeds this average size of items, you can ask our help at Logtrans to give you oversized cargo shipping services.…read more
Jun 23, 2018
If your business is expanding and your products are increasing in number, it will be a necessity for you to opt for warehouse storage services mainly because this is the perfect way for you to store your products in a safe place before you deploy them for selling or display. If you are looking for the right provider, you can come to us at Logtrans. We are freight forwarding and logistics company in…read more
Jun 10, 2018
Whenever you are planning to move anywhere in your local area or even abroad, the very first thing that you should do is prepare. If you want to have stress-free relocation procedures, you need to know the do’s and don’ts that come with relocating. And if you want professional help regarding this, however, we, Logtrans, can give assistance to you. Being one of the leading relocation companies…read more
Jun 06, 2018
Business owners know that freight forwarding is indeed a necessity in their business processes because it can help in their transportation of goods and products. There are different types of freight forwarding and one of them is sea freight services in Dubai. If it is compared to the other freight forwarding services, however, it is believed that many companies would prefer this rather than the others.…read more
May 15, 2018
Everyone must be meticulous when looking for a freight forwarding and logistics company. When you engage with such companies, trust and transparent communications are a must; hence, you must choose the one that already has a remarkable position in the market.   At Logtrans, you can guarantee that our warehouse storage services and all type of freight forwarding services will be done explicitly.…read more
Jan 21, 2018
If you are planning to cooperate with a freight forwarding company, it is crucial to research first about vital key points before settling right away.   We, Logtrans, have been in this industry for decades already. Our expertise and professionalism have been proved more than enough by a vast number of our faithful clients. We are a freight forwarding and logistics company that gives land freight…read more
Jan 11, 2018
If you are working in freight forwarding and logistics company like us, then you are likely familiar with the mistakes that happen internally within our business processes.  It’s fine–we all commit mistakes, and simple mistakes don’t even depreciate our professionalism in any way, especially if we learn from them.   We, at Logtrans, are acquainted with these mistakes, and…read more
Jan 18, 2018
Many companies are now getting themselves involved with freight forwarding companies for many reasons. Yes, as a freight forwarding and logistics company, we know the benefits of hiring one. There are too many but we will discuss only a few. We are Logtrans, one of the leading air freight companies in Dubai, sea freight companies in Dubai and land freight companies in Dubai – you’re right,…read more