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Logtrans is one of the most trusted freight forwarding companies and logistics companies in Dubai that was originally founded in Cyprus in 1990. Our aim is to give unsurpassed logistic services and solutions to small, medium, and multinational companies in the Middle East, GCC and the international arena.

Our professional team of experts is handling all categories of freight and all dimensions of cargoes depending on the clients’ needs.

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Dec 10, 2018
Individuals and companies look for a freight forwarding company in Dubai for personal and business purposes. Shipment is quite a necessity – especially if you are thinking of sending and receiving parcels from different parts of the world. However, how would you know if you can trust a freight company; what are the things that need to be discussed and learned before you finally settle in one?…read more
Dec 06, 2018
Having warehouse storage in Dubai requires you to be more organized – especially in your storage facility itself. There are many ways for you to use your warehouse as a source of productivity and seamless business processes. Honestly, it’s quite easy – all you have to do is manage every single thing and then you’ll be able to have a better business organization; hence, an increase…read more
Nov 29, 2018
Now that the holidays are coming up, you should choose your freight forwarding company in Dubai meticulously – you have to make sure that they can be trusted because your parcels will be in their hands and you want nothing but to keep it secure all throughout the transportation. We, Logtrans, are exactly what you’re looking for – through our dedicated team and hardworking staff,…read more
Nov 28, 2018
It is such a big move when you relocate into a new house – it’s like everyone’s dream especially the ones who are already having a family, newlyweds, parents-to-be, and the like. And when you are going through the same thing, here’s a checklist of what you should and shouldn’t do. You need to be ready in times like this and the best way to do it is through preparing extensively…read more
Nov 26, 2018
When you are looking for warehouse storage in Dubai, you will need to go look for logistics suppliers who can accommodate all your needs and give you reliable warehousing services. There are lots of factors that you should consider before you finally settle on one provider. You have to be meticulous enough when selecting because your products’ safety is at stake – it will be in the hands…read more
Nov 25, 2018
In transporting goods, parcels, and items – whether in bulk or individual packaging –there are various modes of transport: land, air, and sea.  Each has its own advantages and benefits; you just have to familiarize yourself with how this industry works. When you are planning to ship items and parcels, you can choose whether to ask the help of land, air or sea freight companies in…read more
Nov 24, 2018
Perhaps moving to a new home is one of your most-awaited events in your life – to a new town, state, or even country – it depends on what you and your family want, moving to a place that you think is better than your current one. In this endeavor, you will be faced with lots of tasks and responsibilities to guarantee that everything will be set before the Big Day. It’s important…read more
Nov 21, 2018
When you are about to send parcels to your loved ones and ask the help of air, land or sea freight companies in the UAE, you need to make sure that your parcels will be delivered in one piece and in good condition. Yes, the companies will be responsible in delivering your goods safe and sound but you have the obligation to make sure that your parcel is secure even before reaching the air, sea, or…read more
Nov 13, 2018
Are you thinking of sending parcels just in time for the holiday season? This is actually a good idea – it’s fast, reliable, and secure – most especially if you work with the most reliable freight forwarding company in Dubai like Logtrans. And before you even got these companies, you already need to make sure that you have packed your parcel properly so it won’t get damaged…read more
Nov 03, 2018
With the holidays coming up, surely, you already have your gifts bought and even wrapped up. On all special occasions, buying presents is just a normal thing that you can do. And if you have relatives and friends abroad, you’ll have no choice but to ship it to them instead – this is where transport companies come in. We, Logtrans, have already been in this industry for so long –…read more
Nov 01, 2018
Now that the holidays are coming up, you should know that shopping and shipping them early will be your right choice – especially if you want to have a stress-free holiday. When you have families and relatives abroad, it’s inevitable to send them gifts through shipping – and with the help of your trusted freight forwarding company in Dubai, this will be made possible; better and…read more
Oct 28, 2018
The holiday season is almost near – it’s coming faster than we know it. Is your shopping list already done? Have you ticked most of it already? How about your vacations – do you know where you’ll spend your holiday season this 2018? If you have family and friends living overseas, the best option for you is to call your trusted shipping companies in Dubai as early as now so…read more
Oct 27, 2018
In the era we have today, wherein internet, Wi-fi, and online solutions are paving their ways, we are all aware of the possible threats and dangers that come along with this modernized and high-tech. Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns of the present today. Each industry and even enterprise invests a huge amount of money in this aspect, to make sure that no third-parties can steal information…read more
Oct 23, 2018
When you ship goods most of the time because your enterprise and services require you to, you should now think of ways on how you can save and prevent spending too much solely on shipping only. Especially because the shipment costs also vary from time to time – it may be difficult for you to monitor these changes and adjust, which is why you just need to follow the simple tips that we’ll…read more
Oct 21, 2018
If you are soon planning to opt for sea freight services in the UAE, the least thing that you must do is familiarize yourself with the nature of the service first, so that you would know if the service will be beneficial or not, if it’s worth the try, or if it’s exactly what you need for your enterprise. If you specifically need sea freight shipping services, you have to know the different…read more
Oct 14, 2018
Air freight is one of the most preferred methods of shipping – may it be for personal or commercial purposes. And if you have been acquiring for air freight services in Dubai for some time already, you might know now that there are pros and cons of getting this service. But as a prominent freight forwarding company in Dubai, you can trust that we, Logtrans, can give you the best air freight…read more
Oct 10, 2018
When a company is expanding or when their production is growing, it sometimes becomes a necessity for them to acquire a warehouse storage in Dubai so that they will be able to keep their products safe and secure while they are busy with their other priorities. If you need to clear out space, the perfect solution for that is opting for storage facilities in Dubai – doing this will allow you to…read more
Oct 07, 2018
There are lots of inevitable things that could happen in one’s life – sometimes, you plan for things that will never occur or you experience things that you never thought you would. A concrete example for this is relocating – may it be a home or a commercial place, there is a certain point in your life wherein you’d have to move from one place to another. And as one of the…read more
Sep 26, 2018
When you’re looking for sea freight companies in Dubai, you should know that there are some qualities that you must see first, before you finally settle in choosing the one you will work with. It’s alright to set your standards high especially when you know that your brand’s name and your products’ safety are at risk – it’s alright to demand certain abilities to…read more
Sep 26, 2018
In the international trade and transport industry, the roles of freight forwarding companies are crucial. They deal with important matters and they are doing numerous tasks all at once like booking of the freight, handling documentation, and the charges of insurance and port terminals. And we, Logtrans, are doing the same thing – we offer unparalleled freight forwarding solutions to any mode…read more
Sep 25, 2018
We all know US President’s Trump’s plan to impose an international law regarding tariffs and taxes, people have been babbling about its possible impact on the international shipping. Technically, it can be huge – which is why freight forwarding companies all over the world are dwelling too much on this issue. So, what could possibly the big effects of this international law, once…read more
Sep 25, 2018
If you’d like to opt for freight forwarding services, you can try land transportation option – there are many reasons why you should try it because it actually has a lot of advantages. As one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Dubai, we know the exact reasons why you should consider land freight services. At Logtrans, wherein you can choose if you want land, air, or sea freight…read more
Sep 23, 2018
In all industries, mishaps are inevitable. There are challenges that each industry face but with the companies’ aim to succeed, alongside the palpable advancements in technologies, these challenges are often apprehended accordingly. The industry of freight forwarding, for example, is now facing minor problems that if not solved immediately, can cause bigger difficulties in the future. And if…read more
Sep 18, 2018
If you are wondering what the best freight service that can make your cargoes be shipped as early and conveniently as possible is, perhaps you’ve been torn between sea or air freight. In this article, however, we’ll tell you some of the factors that can help you decide which the best option for you is. Actually working with a credible freight forwarding company can help you receive reliable…read more
Sep 15, 2018
If you want your business operation to succeed and run as smoothly as possible, you might need to plan effective warehouse layout – from manufacturing and assembling all the products and procedures. Your warehouse storage in Dubai, moreover, should be functioning well and appropriately. And if you think you need to improve your tactics in your warehouse, perhaps you need help – especially…read more
Sep 11, 2018
If you have opted for warehouse storage in Dubai perhaps your dilemma right now is how you can fit all your products and things inside your limited space. Never worry, however, because, in this article, we’ll cite some ways on how you can actually save some space and maximize your warehouse storage effectively. Acquiring storage facilities in Dubai can be a good option especially if your business…read more
Sep 06, 2018
Companies that offer warehouse storage in Dubai are very keen on giving services that are convenient for their clients. It is not easy to find the best and reliable warehousing company, which is why you need to take your time and consider some factors to guarantee that you’ll receive good-quality service from your providers. However, if you are warehousing storage company, you should know all…read more
Sep 04, 2018
Are you an enterprise that works on freight services? If yes, then perhaps you are aware of the fact that you must transport all the goods of your clients safely no matter which mode of transportation you’re going to use. Specifically, this article will help you in maximizing your sea freight services in Dubai and maintain not only the safety of the goods that you are transporting by sea but…read more
Aug 18, 2018
If you are an enterprise that needs freight services, you need to be meticulous in choosing the freight forwarding company in Dubai to help you. When you do, you will be exposed to various services that are likely going to give you a lot of benefits eventually. Choosing the right freighter is a crucial thing for you and your business – they will determine your success in some way. And, we, Logtrans,…read more
Aug 07, 2018
Mishaps occur in many industries and this is why proper care and attention must be done in all tasks and jobs. With air freight cargo companies in Dubai, however, this scenario is also inevitable, which is why all individuals involved in this matter should be knowledgeable about effective methods on how the shipping must be done. And as a leading provider of air freight services in Dubai since our…read more