Sea Transport: The Factors and Best Practices That You Should Know Now

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Sea Transport: The Factors and Best Practices That You Should Know Now
Sep 04, 2018

Are you an enterprise that works on freight services? If yes, then perhaps you are aware of the fact that you must transport all the goods of your clients safely no matter which mode of transportation you’re going to use.

Specifically, this article will help you in maximizing your sea freight services in Dubai and maintain not only the safety of the goods that you are transporting by sea but also for your crew as well.

First off, you need to know that factors that can make the transport harder than it should be like:

  • Unawareness of the crewmembers about the factors that cannot be predicted while you’re already at sea and cause trouble throughout the transportation.
  • The motion of the sea or the weather can give tremendous risks to the operation – to the goods and to the crew alike.
  • Putting a lot of heavy cargo can also affect the sea transportation and cause shrinkage due to the overlooked capacity of the vessel before placing all the heavy goods.

And so, with these factors, what can sea cargo companies in Dubai do, to reduce risks such as these?

  • Stuffing

In its sense, stuffing is the practice of loading all the cargo in the containers of the freight. And in doing so, you have to check the weight of all the cargo first so that you can avoid the risk of shrinkage when the transportation takes place.

  • Locking

You have to make sure that all your goods are locked safely. You can use twist-locks to guarantee that the freight containers are all secured and won’t be a problem for you.

  • Stowing

Stowing is arranging all the containers appropriately and compactly so it won’t get damaged in any way all throughout the voyage.

  • Blocking

It’s better to arrange to containers as close with each other as possible and in contact with the headboards or sideboards. Avoid spaces and you can use blocking to prevent these cargos from sliding and tipping.

These points are what cargo shipping companies should know when they give sea cargo services in Dubai to their faithful clients; however, if you are looking for a company to give you sea freight services, you can come and visit us, Logtrans. We are considered as one of the leading companies who give all kinds of freight services – may it be land, air, water, and even warehousing services. Come and visit us anytime you need our help.