The Difficulties that you can Encounter with Air and Freight Shipping

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The Difficulties that you can Encounter with Air and Freight Shipping
Aug 07, 2018

Mishaps occur in many industries and this is why proper care and attention must be done in all tasks and jobs. With air freight cargo companies in Dubai, however, this scenario is also inevitable, which is why all individuals involved in this matter should be knowledgeable about effective methods on how the shipping must be done.

And as a leading provider of air freight services in Dubai since our establishment, we, Logtrans, never ceased to give all kinds of freight forwarding and logistics services to all those who need it – may it be locally or in the international scene. Our team of skilful professionals works together to make sure that all your requirements are being taken care of; hence, meeting your expectations.

Going back, these kinds of services need the utmost attention and care. The demand for air freight is also rising – and with this, packing must be as densely as possible when it is shipped in air freight ( or in any mode of shipment )

Air Freight

If you are a shipper, you must know that there is a standard weight calculation done to your shipment; hence, your package must not exceed this suggested volume to prevent any misconceptions regarding freight costs.

Sea Freight

The pallets in sea freight packing also must be long enough – it also has a standard size and here lies the costs as well.


  • There are shortages in hiring and retention these days because of certain factors like the demand.
  • The fuel cost is also a hindrance because fuel prices tend to go up and increase as years go by. Those companies who practice cost transportation cutting tend to
  • Customers demand full customer support nowadays and require full transparency with the deliveries as well. They would want the shipping to come and finish faster, indifferent to certain factors like regulations, location, etc. – that can make it slow down a bit.
  • The rise of new technologies also gives the industry a chance to be obsolete but this isn’t always applicable especially if the shipping concerns bulk and large cargos.
  • Nevertheless, we will continue our legacy – we will never stop giving unsurpassed freight forwarding services to those who need it. As one of the leading sea freight companies in the UAE, you can rest assured that you will receive one-of-a-kind shipping experience with us.