The State Of Cyber Security in the Freight Forwarding Industry

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The State Of Cyber Security in the Freight Forwarding Industry
Oct 27, 2018

In the era we have today, wherein internet, Wi-fi, and online solutions are paving their ways, we are all aware of the possible threats and dangers that come along with this modernized and high-tech.

Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns of the present today. Each industry and even enterprise invests a huge amount of money in this aspect, to make sure that no third-parties can steal information or jeopardize the overall business procedures in an organization.

In the freight forwarding industry, this is also an issue – in fact, there are certain circumstances already wherein some shipping companies in the UAE and from all over the world suffered attacks and threats.

1. Port of Barcelona and Port of Santiago

These two international ports became victims to cybercrimes just recently. This instance made all other companies in the freight industry become wary and worried about possible attacks even in the near future, thinking if two major international ports have fallen into this kind of warfare, how much more the other sea freight companies in Dubai and all over the world?

2. Cosco

Cosco or China Ocean Shipping Company, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, also faced a ransomware that jeopardized their communications and overall internal systems. It became a worldwide commotion, bringing scare and fright to all other freight forwarding companies.


Even MAERSK got affected with cybercrimes. It actually cost them around $300 Million and this became almost incomparable to the losses of that from the threats experienced by the Port of Barcelona and Port of Santiago.

A freight forwarding company in Dubai or anywhere in the world may face various challenges each day – but that doesn’t stop them from giving unsurpassed services to their clients.

Like us, Logtrans, we are always keen on making sure that we have all that is needed to ensure the safety and security of all our clients. We have been in the industry long enough to know the right ways to hinder threats, to enhance our services, and to do the right procedures in all our shipping services.

At Logtrans, we give logistics services, warehousing services, and shipping services on all modes of transportation – land, sea, and air. Our stream of connections is reliable and credible enough; hence you can guarantee that we will be able to give you an efficient and seamless kind of service.