The Do’s and Don’ts of Packing Parcels

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Packing Parcels
Nov 21, 2018

When you are about to send parcels to your loved ones and ask the help of air, land or sea freight companies in the UAE, you need to make sure that your parcels will be delivered in one piece and in good condition.

Yes, the companies will be responsible in delivering your goods safe and sound but you have the obligation to make sure that your parcel is secure even before reaching the air, sea, or land transport companies in Dubai. Whenever you send parcels, there are basic rules and standards that you must follow, in order to guarantee that your parcel won’t be damaged during the transportation process.

Your items will be handled in numerous stations even before it arrives at its destination – hence, its security, especially the fragile ones, must be assured so that there will be no damages or anything.

And here are the things that you can do and shouldn’t do when packing your parcels:


- Do make sure that you label the box accordingly especially if it is HEAVY and FRAGILE. This will serve as a caution to those who will handle your items and they will be reminded about the weight or state of your box.

- Do remove the old labels off the box if you are going to re-use it because if not, the courier or transportation companies might get confused and deliver it to the old address written on the used box.

- Do consider using a new box for your parcels to assure its quality and use a sturdy tape to tightly cover your box on all corners, to make sure that nothing from inside won’t fall off or the box won’t be torn open.

- Do make sure that you put 2 printed copies of the label ( one inside the box and one taped outside ) just for in case the one outside falls off, the transport companies will still be able to locate its destination through looking at the label inside.


- Don’t overload the box – make sure that it won’t weigh too much. If possible, wrap each item individually to assure its security.

- Don’t forget to consider cushioning the items inside the box – this will assure you that your items will not be damaged too much even after a rigorous journey in the transportation.

- Don’t forget to choose your boxes wisely – select the right box; the one that can handle all your items inside.

- Don’t use ropes to close your parcel – the perfect option to close your boxes tightly is a strong parcel tape.

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