The 5 Operative Ways to Keep Your Bulk Carriers Safe and Secure

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The 5 Operative Ways to Keep Your Bulk Carriers Safe and Secure
Dec 20, 2018

Cargo shipping has already been a part of trading and business. Even years ago, traders have already mastered the art transporting cargos by land and sea then, years after, by air. Freight forwarding companies at the present are the ones responsible for making this possible – safe and secure even; amidst the challenges that the industry faces.

If you are among these companies, you would know how bulk carriers can help you a lot in managing cargo shipping and making the transport seamless. As sea freight companies in the UAE, you should know how you can make sure that your bulk carriers are organized properly – ensure the safety and security of the cargos you carry.

And here’s how you can achieve this:

1. You can integrate corrugated transverse bulkhead inside the cargo holds. This can give more strength and security to the plates and avoid bending during the transportation.

2. You can integrate water ingress alarm. This allows you to know if your cargo has been in any contact with water during transportation. Important cargos such as rice can be spared from any damage when applied with water ingress alarm. This serves as visual alarms – any cargo that has been contacted with water will be tainted – giving you a signal that water has reached your ship.

3. Always try to avoid wetness on your deck. At all times, make sure that it is dry at any extent possible. This can increase the chances of your cargos to also be dry all throughout the shipment.

4. Make sure that your bulwark is fitted suitably. This helps in strengthening your ship and also prevents outflow of water or oil. This also helps in making sure that no one from the crew will fall off the ship.

5. Apply hatch covers as much as possible. Not only do these covers the cargos, but it also protects it from any weather condition, as well as keeping the cargos from carrying it onboard.

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