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Ship Your Gifts Now This Holiday Season with Logtrans To Avoid Stress!
Oct 28, 2018

The holiday season is almost near – it’s coming faster than we know it. Is your shopping list already done? Have you ticked most of it already? How about your vacations – do you know where you’ll spend your holiday season this 2018?

If you have family and friends living overseas, the best option for you is to call your trusted shipping companies in Dubai as early as now so that your parcel will arrive just in time for holidays. If you decide to do this later, you may face competition – meaning longer waiting for the items to be shipped.

International cargo shipping in all countries experiences busyness as well, especially during the holiday season. There are tons of goods to be shipped, too many inventories, and the rush just keeps on increasing.

This is the reason why we recommend you to ship your parcels as early as possible – to avoid getting stuck in the rush, to avoid the later arrival of parcels, and to also save more money.

Why do you need to ship early and why should you trust Logtrans?

Because the holiday season is one of busiest parts of the year, shipping early will be a good thing for you. If you do this, you will be able to track your parcel and guarantee that it will arrive at the right destination at the right time.

As a prominent freight forwarding company, we, Logtrans, can guarantee that if you ship your parcels with us, it will be kept safe and secure all throughout the shipping process, so it will arrive in its original appearance.

We know the value of your goods – this is why we do our best to make sure that it’s taken care of appropriately. We have been in the freight forwarding industry long enough to already master the right ways and procedures to avoid mishaps and if ever there are unforeseen circumstances to occur, our team will surely know how to handle this professionally and tend to your needs.

We also give logistics and warehousing services – our shipping service, however, are applicable to all modes of transportation, sea, air, and land.

If you ever need any of our services, we are always ready to take your inquiries and expect that we’ll give our best to meet and even exceed your expectations. You can come and visit us anytime.