Common Warehouse Mistakes


Common Warehouse Mistakes
Jan 11, 2018
If you are working in freight forwarding and logistics company like us, then you are likely familiar with the mistakes that happen internally within our business processes.  It’s fine–we all commit mistakes, and simple mistakes don’t even depreciate our professionalism in any way, especially if we learn from them.
We, at Logtrans, are acquainted with these mistakes, and through the years, we have managed to avoid them little by little, until we finally learned to succeed and hinder committing the same mistakes. As a freight forwarding and logistics company, we provide warehouse storage services and storage facilities in Dubai, for those companies who need storage space in Dubai. With our vast number of clients, we must be keen and meticulous in organizing our storage services.
And this article will let you know the common mistakes that occur in industries like ours, and some tips on how to avoid them next time, to ensure a better service for your clients.
Picking Paths
Plan the picking path inside your warehouse. It’s important for the picking rate to be efficient as possible because if not, this will have an impact on your supply chain and labor costs as well.
Paper processes
If you are still clinging to the traditional paperwork processes, you might as well take a leap of faith and convert to digital. This will make your processes much more efficient, reliable and most of all, it can avoid misplacement of certain documents.
You just have to be careful and set up a security wall on your system to stop third parties from crashing in and disrupt your data and business processes.
It is very crucial to keep your warehouse sanitary – not to mention that your clients look at this aspect in your company. They are going to entrust their products to you, so might as well take good care of their products and keep it in a safe, secured, and clean. This is also to evade infestation of pests.
You should know that your employees are your assets and it is important for you to care for them as well. Develop good relationship to your staffs to avoid internal conflict and give opportunities for growth and enhancement of professionalism in their work.
Keep your employees motivated and witness a good and positive outcome all throughout your business process. Treat them like a family. They are helping you also to expand your company.
Health and Safety
You must keep your place hygienic for the welfare of your staffs and employees. This is often overlooked because mainly, companies are focused on the processes of their business, never minding that their warehouse is already getting untidy and soiled.
Keep your housekeeping updated all the time.