Shipment Freight Forwarding


Shipment Freight Forwarding
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Freight Forwarding is a process where a business takes the pressure off of a company to work out the
complex logistics of shipping to specific areas of the world. Along with the many benefits that freight
forwarders bring, the synergistic effect of combining a variety of Freight Forwarding services cannot be
overstated. Freight Forwarders also have connections with agencies around the globe that make
clearing customs and inland transportation easier and making it easier to extend and expand your
shipping network. With so many great reasons to work with freight forwarders, new businesses may
wonder where to begin and how long the process will take. The following are steps that a freight
forwarder takes to make your shipment reach its destination effectively:
1. Step One: Finding A Freight Forwarder
Of course, the first step in the process is selecting a freight forwarder for:
 More and more businesses are relying on Freight Forwarding to aid in their shipping
 In general, you are looking for experience, services, and a team that understands your
 Certain freight forwarders offer a variety of helpful services including crating,
warehousing, consolidation, breakbulk, and more.
 Once you have found a freight forwarder, you will need to discuss the logistics with your
shipment and get a quote.
2. Step Two: Get A Quote from a Freight Forwarder
Depending on what you need, a freight forwarder's team will be able to get a quote for you and
discuss the specific logistics of your project likewise:
 If you are interested in getting a quote for your import or export shipment, you have to
fill out their form.
 Their team handles imports from all over the world as well as exporting to almost any
 Every shipping project is unique which is why the only reliable way to know how long it
will take is to have an experienced freight forwarder go through the project with you.
 If you have any questions about the services they provide, feel free to contact them
3. Step Three: Initial Transportation of Goods
Depending on a business’ proximity to a warehouse location, this step can take a few days to a
couple of weeks for:
 The first step is to bring the goods to the freight forwarders’ warehouse or to another
local warehouse.
 If you are using their custom crating service, they provide that either at their location or
on-site anywhere in the country.
 Some freight forwarders handle both import and export freight, while for this article, we
will be covering the steps of an export.
 Depending on which type of freight you need the process steps will be mirrored in a
4. Step Four: Export & Import Customs Clearance
A freight forwarder's team handles all of the logistical work and forms needed to clear customs
 Once your goods are in freight forwarders’ possession they will check and inventory the
goods to make sure that everything is in order.
 After that, they will begin the process of customs clearance if the shipment is being
shipped internationally.
 Before a shipment leaves the country, it has to be cleared by the company of origin.
 It will also need to be cleared by the destination country in order to continue on.
5. Step Five: Arrival & Handling
All of these processes are handled by a freight forwarder likewise:
 When a shipment arrives at the port or terminal in its destination country, there are a
few things it will need next.
 Not all freight forwarders offer customs clearance services. In those cases, you will need
to work with a third-party customs broker service.
 However, some freight forwarders handle both export and import customs clearance.
 At this point, all outstanding documentation, carrier bills, and other holdups will need to
be handled before the shipment can be moved inland.
The final step of shipping is bringing the shipment inland to its final destination likewise:
 Cargo will need to be brought from the shipping port or terminal that it arrived in and
either attached to a truck or another inland transportation vessel.
 Not all freight forwarders provide inland transportation services, and in many cases, it is
on the company to find a third-party shipper.
 But some freight forwarders make sure to handle your goods from your building to their
final destination.
 If you have a project in mind, you can use their form for getting a quote.
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