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A Freight Forwarder Can Help Your Business Run More Smoothly
Feb 23, 2020

Your sea and air freight forwarding company in Dubai can be a key partner in shipping supplies and delivering goods to clients. An excellent freight forwarding agent, however, should be more than just a transitional between you and the carriers that move your products.

Top-level freight forwarders will exploit their logistics skills, industry experience, and relationship network to provide many benefits for your company. A good working relationship will unleash the ability to improve the processes, reducing shipping costs and save you significant hassle in the supply chain. We will take you through four of the different business benefits you will see when collaborating with a skilled logistics company in Dubai in this post.

Advantage #1: Simplifying Charges and Invoices from Carriers

If you've ever glimpsed through a steamship line invoice, you might be overwhelmed by all of the ocean freight charges that you will see. Drayage, wharfage, fuel surcharges, terminal handling fees (and more!) to add up, and yet you may not even understand exactly what you are being charged for. Because these charges do not always sound straightforward, the driving forces underlying them might not be clear. As a consequence, you might be losing cost-saving opportunities.

This is where your freight forwarding companies will step in.

  • The freight forwarders will simplify the multitude of charges you would get from a steamship line for you by walking through each line item, so you will understand what you are charged for. 
  • Moreover, they will help you understand those figures to reveal potential savings. If your ocean freight costs have increased due to rising fuel prices, that's completely out of your control. Nevertheless, your forwarder will help you make the adjustments you need to reduce your shipping costs if higher prices arising from how you packed your freight.

Advantage #2: Better Rates on Consolidations and Other Types of Shipments

Your freight forwarder may be able to help you find lower rates for your shipments because of the role they play as well as their logistics experience. 

In fact, the forwarding provider can also allow you to save money through shipping types. Forwarders deal with multiple types of carriers, ocean, truck, train, and air and they can help you identify when a change in direction could save you money.

Advantage #3: Improvements in Your Logistics Flow  

You should be able to take advantage of their logistics skills to boost your activities when you are dealing with a professional freight forwarder. A professional freight forwarding company will help you to:

  • Note supply chain inefficiencies. A professional freight forwarder will build a more efficient solution that takes product straight to nearby markets, saving you money and delivery times.
  • Build processes to solve business problems, such as returns. Acceptance of returns, although good for customer service, will add substantial costs to your company. A professional freight forwarder will help you build an efficient logistics approach that efficiently returns to your central warehouse, reducing those costs to a minimum.

Eventually, these changes can have a substantial power on your bottom line by reducing the cost of transporting inventories, reducing shipping costs, removing unneeded warehouse space, and more.

Advantage #4: Assistance with Paperwork and Customs Clearance on International Shipments 

You need a specialist by your side when it comes to importing and exporting internationally. Professional Logistics companies in Dubai will help you understand all the protocols and documents you need to quickly and easily obtain both international and Border Patrol clearance. 

Furthermore, if an import problem arises, an accomplished freight forwarder will have an existing network of customs brokers who will be able to help navigate the system. Such brokers have immense customs administrative and technical skills. As a consequence, they will help to speed clearance as required.

In other terms, with a freight forwarder being a top-notch as your partner, you can reduce a considerable amount of trouble on your part and set up yourself for quick and easy customs clearance.


Your shipping company in Dubai should do much more than just an agent between you and the different carriers which your business uses to move goods and supplies. They can be a valuable business partner to help streamline your processes, create new efficiencies, and find new ways to decrease the costs associated with your supply chain. Contact us at Logtrans a freight company in Dubai if you are looking for a partner with the logistics experience to streamline your supply chain and distribution activities. Our expert team will gladly support you and walk you through your current operations and help you build new productivities and uncover potential cost savings.