5 Considerations to Take Before Choosing the Right Freight Forwarding Company

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5 Considerations to Take Before Choosing the Right Freight Forwarding Company
Jan 21, 2018
If you are planning to cooperate with a freight forwarding company, it is crucial to research first about vital key points before settling right away.
We, Logtrans, have been in this industry for decades already. Our expertise and professionalism have been proved more than enough by a vast number of our faithful clients. We are a freight forwarding and logistics company that gives land freight forwarding services, sea freight services in UAE, and air freight services in Dubai. We are operating all over UAE, and internationally. Our team of specialists is versatile to give our clients various type of service that they need.
Moreover, we have listed down some considerations that you should ask yourself before finally engaging with a freight forwarding company. Your products’ safety and protection depend on these freight forwarding companies when your products are being shipped – that’s why we have listed these things for you; to enable you to be meticulous in choosing a trusted freight forwarding company.
1. Experience
Ensure that your freight forwarding company has relevant experience in this field already – their experience says a lot about everything they have dealt with throughout their years of service; thus, make them tough enough to face any type of adversities. 
2. Network
You should ask if they are connected with many networks or group of companies all over the world, which can somehow boost their reliability on your part. Do they know the companies from the countries they are importing to and exporting from? Are they known in this field? Are their business partnerships with other cargo companies good enough?
3. Services
Familiarize yourself with all the services that the company offers. They must accommodate more than just freight forwarding but also be able to manage land, air, or sea transportation for international shipping – from door to door to various types of delivery and importation.
4. References
If you are to choose a freight forwarding company ( or any kind of company for this matter ) ask people who are reliable enough to tell you the truth about their experience with the company they asked services from. A good reference is a good basis for telling if you should or you should not incorporate with a certain company.
5. Customer Service
Good service, good reference, good background and what completes this is, of course, a good customer service from the freight forwarding company. Once they start to work with you, they must be able to provide daily or weekly updates about your shipment and products. They should never leave you in so much stress, or many questions regarding the status of your shipment. They must continually serve you, especially during the time of shipment of your products.
Now that you have learned the things you must ask yourself first before settling with a freight forwarding company, then, you’re good to go.
But, if what you’re looking for are relevant experience, good customer service, and security for your products, why go further, if you can engage with us? We can ensure you the best kind of land, sea and air freight services that is suited for your needs.